Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lionbridge's 2016 first quarter

Read here Rory Cowan's presentation. What he says about Microsoft's contracts:
Microsoft, our largest client, remained stable year-on-year as we expected. And we won a number of new programs in growth segments such as Xbox and others. So, we’re expecting some very good growth in Q2 versus Q1. So, the account feels affirm this year just as we thought it would. 

They keep investing in buying back their stock: 
We did take advantage of our stock price during the quarter to repurchase about 8 million or $1.98 million or 1.9 million shares of stock. As a reminder, we announced the $50 million three-year repurchase program last November. Since then, between Q4 and Q1, we repurchased 14 million of stock in the first two quarters, and we expect to remain very active in our buyback program going forward.

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