Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Following up on the collective bargaining meeting of May 26: first draft of union's proposals

Find below a first draft of the proposals the union sent today to Lionbridge's attorney following the collective bargaining meeting of May 26.

Dear Tim,

Following our collective bargaining meeting of Thursday May 26, find below some of the clauses the Union is proposing to insert in the text of tentative collective bargaining agreement of October 23, 2015.

This is still a draft and we are thinking about a few other items but that represents a significant part of what we would like to see that aligns somehow with Lionbridge's 'new' policy about temporary conversion to regular.

We would like to discuss them with you in a collective bargaining meeting at your earliest convenience. 

Thank you for giving us a set of dates to that effect.


Philippe Boucher
for Temporary Workers of America

PS: for the paid holidays and paid parental leave we have used Microsoft's provisions that seemed appropriate since we work with Microsoft and we hope you'll share their concerns.

PPS: concerning our previous request for information it seems that you did not provide the union with the compensation of each employee, nor the date when they were hired. We want to receive a fully up to date information.

As for your confidentiality agreement we don't understand what information it would cover. Would it concern precisions about why and when the new policy about the temporary to regular was adopted or something else?



There are two categories of employees: temporary and regular.
The temporary status can only apply to a 9 month maximum employment period. A temporary employee terminated after this 9 month period cannot be rehired as a temporary before a year after this termination. 
If the temporary employee remains employed by Lionbridge after the 9 month period she/he is converted to the status of regular employee with all the benefits linked to this classification.


Regular employees accrue paid time off according to this table: 
Up to 1 year: 1.25 day per month/ 3.75 days for 3 months/30 hours
1-2 years: 16 days per year / 128 hours
2-5 years: 20 days per year / 160 hours
5+ years: 25 days per year / 200 hours


Regular employees are granted the following paid holidays:

1. New Year's Day
2. Martin Luther King's Day
3. President's Day
4. Memorial Day
5. Independence Day
6. Labor Day
7. Thanksgiving
8. Day after Thanksgiving
9. Christmas Eve
10. Christmas Day


12 weeks of paid parental leave paid at 100 per cent are offered to regular employees, mothers and fathers of new children.


Bereavement Leave
A maximum of five days paid bereavement leave will be allowed for each death of the following members of an employee's immediate family: spouse, partner, child, parent, stepchild, sister, brother, mother in law, father in law, grand parent or any other family member residing in the employee's household.
Up to one day of paid bereavement leave, for the death of any close relative or close friend will be granted.
Additional leave may be granted if requested and approved in advance by the management. Such leaves may be with or without pay.

Jury Duty
Leave with pay shall be granted for jury duty. Employees shall notify management when notification to serve on jury duty is received. Upon request, the employee may secure support from management in seeking relief from jury duty when it interferes with the workload.

Leave Of Absence
Upon agreement with management an employee may be granted an extended leave of absence for a period not to exceed one year. The returning employee will not be necessarily reassigned to the identical position occupied before the leave of absence.

to be determined


Lionbridge provides a paid full ORCA card (bus and ferry as needed) to all employees (temporary and regular) who regularly use public transportation to get to work 

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