Monday, April 13, 2015

Brad Smith on GeekWire Radio

On saturday April 11, Brad Smith was interviewed by Todd Bishop and John Cook on GeekWire Radio. We have selected below the 4 minute segment devoted to Microsoft's new requirement that it's suppliers provide at least 15 days of paid leave to their employees.
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Brad Smith's photo by GeekWire.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Comparing Paychecks With CEOs

Comparing paychecks with CEOs is the title of an article by Gretchen Morgenson in this sunday edition of the New York Times. It so happens that we asked what was Rory Cowan's (Lionbridge CEO) annual compensation in one of our 'request for information'. The answer provided was $1.522.275 (for the cash compensation). Reading this article published on March 24 in the Boston Business Journal it looks like Rory took home a bit more: $2.89 million. That's $1.36 million more than what we were told.
How much did you make from Lionbridge in 2014? I received a total of $40.810, for a net of $32.618.
If we estimate the maximum aggregated annual income for all 37 Tier 1 employees at the present rate it's less than Rory's annual compensation: $1.248.960 vs $1.522.275 or $2.89 million.
Let us remember that Rory's representatives at the bargaining table have (until now) refused any pay raise (there has never been a pay raise since the start of the project in December 2011) and have also rejected any type of paid leave. We are therefore curious to see how they'll respond to Microsoft's new requirement to provide at least 15 days of paid leave.