Thursday, January 28, 2016

Comparing paid parental leave at Microsoft and Lionbridge: 20 weeks to zero or 140 days to zero.

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Watch this video produced by the Department of Labor that compares the paid maternity leave in the US and in Germany. Then replace the US by Lionbridge and Germany by Microsoft. In fact the difference is even greater between Lionbridge and Microsoft since Microsoft increased its paid maternity leave to 20 weeks (12 weeks for the fathers) while Lionbridge stayed where it was: at 0 day. How long can Microsoft tolerates such a shameful gap that is contrary to its proclaimed commitment to human rights?
Want to do something about it? It's easy if you happen to own one share (or more) of Microsoft's stock: join our corporate social responsibility initiative targeting Microsoft by (first) asking its Board of Directors to require its suppliers to immediately provide paid parental leave to their employees. We leave it up to you how long this paid parental leave should be. Did you note the emai? (and thank you to cc to us at temporaryworkersofamerica at

You don't own any Microsoft's stock? Ask Fidelity Investments that manages your Lionbridge 401k to buy one share for you. By the way, did you know that Fidelity Investments owns 10% of Lionbridge's stock? Do you want to write to Fidelity Investments CEO to ask her to invite Lionbridge board of directors to change its inhumane no paid parental leave policy?

Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 Martin Luther King Jr. Day @ Microsoft: Help end paid leave discrimination

2016 Martin Luther King Jr. Day @ Microsoft: Help end paid leave discrimination

For 29 years Microsoft did not celebrate MLK .JR Day as a paid holiday. Then on August 5 2015, Kathleen Hogan, Executive Vice President, Human Resources announced Microsoft was adding MLK Day to its list of paid holidays. That would allow the employees to 'take time to recharge and invest in ways that are meaningful to them'.  

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Microsoft's Temporary Workers 3 wishes for 2016

There are thousands of people employed by Microsoft via vendors (Microsoft has not divulged the exact number). Many of them are classified as 'temporary' although their initial contract can be extended for years. Vendors use the temporary (mis)classification as a way to deny basic benefits like any sort of paid leave. On March 26 2015, Microsoft announced it cared for the health and wellness of those workers and would therefore, within the next nine months, require  vendors to provide them with 'at least 15 days of paid time off per year'. 
How has this policy change be implemented, how many vendors and employees are concerned, how do they feel about it, are questions that remain unanswered. 

20 question survey about working conditions of Tier1s in the Windows App Certification Lab

This anonymous questionnaire was offered to all Tier1 employees after the vote rejecting the ratification of the tentative collective agreement. 13 answers (on 40) were submitted.

    1. Did you take part in the ratification vote?