Sunday, January 3, 2016

20 question survey about working conditions of Tier1s in the Windows App Certification Lab

This anonymous questionnaire was offered to all Tier1 employees after the vote rejecting the ratification of the tentative collective agreement. 13 answers (on 40) were submitted.

    1. Did you take part in the ratification vote?

    2. Are you surprised by the results of the ratification vote?

    3. Do you think Lionbridge proposal was fair?

    4. What is your present state of mind considering how Lionbridge treats its Tier1 employees?

    5. Do you believe Microsoft controls Tier1s work to the extent it should be considered a 'joint employer'?

    6. How long have you been working as Tier1 in the Windows App Certification lab?

    7. Do you think Microsoft/Lionbridge is satisfied with your performance?

    8. Did you ask for a raise since you started working in the lab?

    9. Did you get a raise since you started working in the lab?

    10. Are you satisfied with your present compensation?

    11. What do you think should be the minimal fair wage per hour for a Tier1 who speaks only English?

    12. What do you think should be the minimal fair wage per hour for a Tier1 who is multilingual?

    13. Should the contract include a yearly cost of living adjustment clause?

    14. Do you agree with Lionbridge offer to accrue PTO only after 9 months of work in the lab?

    15. Would you prefer the accruing to be retroactive for people who have worked a year (ie they would get immediately 15 days of PTO) and starting earlier for people who are new (ie retroactive after 2 months of employment)?

    16. Microsoft offers 10 days of paid holidays and 2 'personal' days on top of their basic offer of 3 weeks of paid vacation. The Tier2s get paid holidays as well. Do you think the Tier1s should get the same 10 paid holidays offered by Microsoft?

    17. Microsoft offers now several weeks of paid parental leave (12 weeks) to its blue badge employees. Should Lionbridge offer to the Tier1s the same amount or at least 4 weeks of paid parental leave?

    18. Do you agree with the mandatory arbitration clause that would force all grievance to an arbitration process with a daily cost of $800 to $1500 payable by the employee?

    19. Do you think Lionbridge and Microsoft can easily afford to implement the increased compensation and benefits mentioned above?

    20. Are there other issues, suggestions, comments you want to share?

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