Wednesday, October 22, 2014

About the move and Thanksgiving

The concern is aggravated by Thanksgiving taking place the next Thursday and Microsoft closing for the Friday after Thanksgiving. That's 3 days without pay in a short period of time.
You asked me what the Union can do.
As your representative the Union can ask Lionbridge to negotiate about any event impacting our working conditions and those decisions certainly do.
Therefore, if that's what you want I can file a formal request to ask Lionbridge to negotiate about that, suggesting alternatives, like another date for the move, that we get paid, that they offer overtime paid overtime, etc. 

It does not mean Lionbridge will agree to anything but we'll have expressed our concerns and maybe Microsoft will also notice. 
After all I hope they don't want an unhappy workforce and they could also make an effort as they did once when they paid us while keeping us home because there was no work. 
OK that was when the team was very small and it did not last but as Satya Nadella got himself a $3.6 million cash bonus,maybe we could also get a bonus for all our good work all those years? Like getting paid for those 3 days where we cannot work.
What do you think?
What do you want?
Let me know.
Take care

PS: I had also been asked where we were with the incorporation of the Union. I had told it was pending. I just received this afternoon the certificate from the Secretary of State (see picture on the previous post).
PPS: as for Lionbridge's executives they bought back $2.9 million of stock so they are not doing poorly either.

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