Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Find out if you are eligible for Trade Adjusting Assistance (TAA)

 TAA (Trade Adjusting Assistance) is a training assistance offered by the Department of Labor to workers who are considered eligible because they lost their jobs because of outsourcing outside of the US. 
We had started a certification procedure in February and we learned recently that the Tier1s laid off after our bargaining agreement were considered eligible for such assistance. 
There are restrictions to this offer: if you have already found a better job than the one you had with Lionbridge I don't think you can apply but if not, If you are still unemployed or if you are 'less' employed than with Lionbridge you could be eligible for help.
I cannot be more precise at this point as I am not a TAA specialist but each of you should be contacted and offered this opportunity by the Washington State Department of Labor.
The union would like to know if/when you are contacted (to check that it does happen) and what if anything is offered to you (to evaluate the value of the TAA program). Hope this help those of you who can use it and please let us know if/how it works for you.

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