Wednesday, June 15, 2016

After today's stand up: where is the raise? where is the classification as regular and the benefits that go with it?

It was sort of satisfying to hear that our  customer (Microsoft) appreciates our work and that the renewal of the contract with Lionbridge seems in good way. 
What was frustrating it is that while we have always been getting kudos for the quality of our work we have not received any pay raise since we started working in the lab four years ago and none was mentioned coming. 
The ruse that says it is because of the union is an attempt by Lionbridge to make people forget they never ever received a raise the previous years, even when there was no union. 
Lionbridge could perfectly well decide to give us a raise, as they decided to award us Microsoft's PTO requirement: the union will not 'object' and that raise would be immediately implemented. The same goes for the other benefits linked to the status of regular employee that should be ours since January 2015.
Instead of providing its excellent employees with a long due raise and the 'regular' classification, Lionbridge does not propose anything substantial and has not answered to the union's demand for a meeting to discuss the proposals we made on June 2d.
One more comment about a raise: is it normal that Lionbridge hired new Tier1s at $20 per hour while the very same Tier1s with years of experience who have been hired at $17 and $18 remain at this lower rate?
How long can they ignore such a gap? How long can they keep not giving any raise to people they congratulate for their good work?
Why isn't Microsoft requiring Lionbridge to give us a raise and all the benefits linked to a regular classification? It would be so easy for them to do. 
They only have to put it into the new contract that is being negotiated, as they did for the 15 days of PTO. 
A new contract without any raise would make a bitter mockery of the praises we heard today. 
Not the best way to keep us motivated in our new location with a new manager we hope will understand how we feel.

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