Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fourth Lionbridge's propaganda session: same as before.

Today's meeting provided the same anti-union content and the same focus on eventual risks.

Of course, despite their dire predictions, they cannot be sure of anything we, 
-as we Tier1s are going to be the union if we vote for it- are going to do: we'll decide together everything we want to try to achieve. 

We can simply decide to focus on a few key issues we would like to see improved, like wages, paid time off and not deal at all with seniority and else. 

It's up to us: why would we reduce flexibiliy if it's useful for us?

Yes the money for improvements in our situation will have to come from somewhere: LB's profits, LB's share of the pie will have to be reduced. 
Obviously not something they want to consider.

Why would we try to hurt ourselves, hurt the people who are in the very same boat we are on?

Classic use of the fear and arguing that one can get more individually than via a collective effort. 

This was all very repetitive and it's difficult to assess who can be convinced by those assertions but for the insidious fear factor, and the impact of repetition.

Brace yourself for a final session next Tuesday.

Take good care

PS: I found a bit strange Brent's answer about Microsoft not being billed for those sessions while the hour spent voting will have to be processed separately. But that's another story.

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