Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Questions to Ask Yourself while Deciding your Vote

Can you afford to take a day off to take your significant other to the doctor?

Can you afford to take a day off to attend your daughters graduation?

Are you expecting a baby? Can you afford to take time off to spend with your new baby? Or be there when the baby is born?

Do you come into work sick because you can’t afford to lose a day’s pay?

When was the last time you had an actual vacation? A vacation where you didn’t have to worry about losing your pay?

How much do you pay for your health insurance? Do you have health insurance? If so, what’s your deductible?

How does it feel to see T2’s and above come back to work all refreshed after having been on vacation?

How does it feel to be told that you can’t take time off to tend to a sick parent? Child? Partner?

How do you like being forced to take certain holidays off and not get paid for them?

What's it like living paycheck to paycheck?

What’s it like working day in and day out for months/years on end with virtually no breaks except for holidays and weekends?

How do you feel working for a company that offers no advancement or paid training opportunities (for example, certifications to improve your skills)?

Are you the sole breadwinner in the family? How is that working for you and your family?

Are you actively looking for a new job so you can escape this one? How is that working?

Do you like being treated as the lowest level employee in the building?

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