Friday, June 27, 2014

Why 'Temporary Workers of America'? Our own independent start up union

When we considered organizing a union to try improving all aspects of our common working conditions via collective bargaining since it was clear individual/'one on one' approaches with management led nowhere, we contacted a few existing unions. 
We thought it would be easier to rely on their expertise and support than create our own independent new union. 
Unfortunately we did not find much support and when it was offered it came with a price tag we could not afford and refused to pay (about $50 per month per person). 
So we decided for our own start up union as the whole process seems rather simple. 
We are still on step 2, gathering enough support to have an election so keep up the good work of making it happen.
Why the name 'Temporary Workers of America"? 
Because 'Tier1 employees' even after more than one year (or two) of full time regular employment are still (mis)classified as 'temporary' and as such denied the most basic benefits, without any time limit offered for a 'temporary' position. 
We hope our 'Temporary Workers of America' will change this situation.

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